The story of Sunburst Financial Group began on March 1, 2005 when Randy Martin formed our firm to give people a fresh approach to financial planning. His desire was to offer objective investment expertise and to provide our clients with a clear and meaningful narrative of their financial lives. That desire continues to permeate and drive everything we do today.

Over the years, we have formed a team of professionals that bring together a wealth of experience and expertise from across the spectrum of financial services. The strength of the trust and dependence our clients place in us has led to our continued growth. However, we continue to pursue new avenues to better help our clients create impactful life stories.

In January 2016, Sunburst began the process of becoming a registered investment adviser with the Securities and Exchange Commission, a process completed with our registration in July 2016. 

What excites us even more is that we believe we are just getting started. There’s a lot more of our story to tell, and we are always excited for new clients to join us and see what part we might play in helping them tell their stories as well.

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